The main feature of the Trinity Towers development is the 5000 seater concert hall located in the main tower.

The Sanctuary has been designed to provide optimum acoustic delivery from the integrated audiovisual systems. The audience can take in the vast expanse of the hall, and enjoy the sensory effect of the combined audio and visual installation array during concerts.

What’s inside?

The Trinity Towers boasts of indoor amusements for children, retail therapy for the shopaholic and cinema experience for all the family from the two cinema halls, recreational theme park and shopping centre. Trinity Towers is positioned to become the destination for Lagos residents.

Other features also include a gymnasium and wellness centre, a medical centre and facilities with a 100-seater restaurant and cafeteria. There is also a games arcade, food courts and conference or multipurpose halls, including two banking halls and ATM galleries.

The jewel on top of the crown is the rooftop swimming pool and tennis court flanking the helipad, with the pool positioned to offer stunning views of the island and environs while getting the best of the tropical sunlight.

Here is a list of features available at the Trinity Towers

  • Helipad

  • 2 cinema halls

  • Medical centre and facilities

  • Recreational theme park

  • Shopping centre

  • 100 seater cafeteria and restaurant

  • Games arcade

  • Food courts

  • Gymnasium and wellness centre

  • Rooftop tennis courts

  • Roof terrace for outdoor social activities

  • 2 Banking halls

  • ATM gallery

  • Conference and multipurpose halls

  • Outdoor and indoor sporting and recreational facilities
  • Rooftop swimming pool
  • 12 passenger lifts
  • 1 goods lift
  • 5000 seater concert hall
  • Presence of mechanical room for each tower
  • Multi-storey car park block on split levels for approximately 670 cars.
  • Automated & integrated lighting, sound & video system
  • State-of-the-art audiovisual facilities suitable for live broadcast
  • Effective division of the three towers with a walkway to prevent unnecessary interference
  • Tenant-dedicated external garden terraces protected by a lattice frame structure
  • High-efficiency glazing and external thermal envelop to reduce demand on cooling requirement.